So Do We

We struggle with time management every single day, wanting to spend much-needed quality time with our family and friends, and, heck, just some me-time.

We long to commune, not commute

We know you, just like us, cringe at the idea of over-crowded, impersonalised spaces, and seek a comfort zone made especially for you. The pure, unadulterated pleasure of reconnecting with your loved ones and community at large, in a safe, friendly environment. This, while you can complete your experience sampling the very best of brands, the perfect blend of world-class cuisines, and of course, a good ol' dose of pure entertainment.

Our mall has been around for a long, long time, and so we know our Brookefield community like the back of our hands. We have long surveyed the Brookefield area, and have reinvented ourselves to provide you with every, we repeat, every retail and culinary experience to satisfy your senses. We have tailor-made each and every aspect of the mall to suit your personal 'shoppertainment' needs. We feel delighted to serve you and our community at your very own neighbourhood mall.

Come, get to know us and let us get to know you better. Give us the opportunity to spoil you silly!

Ditch your car! Just walk over…

Surprise your loved ones with your presents, and your presence!